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have very little interest in Carl, and zero interest in Larry... why do I need xnxx app those two? I have my boyfriend Willie who does better sex on me then either of them. Plus, that stupid discipline and dominance indo xnxx crap xnxx videos for two days... forget about it! This is xnx another example of Willie giving in xnxx india to me, I mean what choice did he have when you get right down to it, but he did admit defeat. I was xnxx asia worried xnxx bokep a little that he might pull one xnxx selingkuh of those "I'm going to dump you" threats... then I might need to reconsider, but he never resorted to that. Willie pulled that xnxx com/ "dump me" threat once in Sea Isle City and it did work that time... sunny leone xnxx that's sort of what got me to acknowledge that he was the dominant figure in our relationship. Since then xnxx indonesia it's been compromise, compromise, compromise. So, I respect that, and as a consequence, once in awhile I'll do one porno of those "would it be OK with you, Willie, if I xxx videos do______?" fill in the blank. That makes Willie feel like he actually indian xnxx is "in charge" because, you know, I kind of asked permission to do some silly innocuous thing. Little things like that make him www xnxx happy enough vina garut xnxx to allow his ego to xnxx selingkuh give in on something that really matters to me... like the indian xnxx Maine thing. I was proud my plan was working. It's not like I'm being sneaky just to be sneaky, I'm doing all I can to slowly, slowly, slowly, show Willie, in tiny baby-steps, that we don't need the "dominant concept" in our love affair, we simply don't need it. He'll come to see xxxx that in time, and xxn in the meantime I'm in love with him and looking forward xnxx videos to our Tuesday xnnx night date which he says is going to be some kind of block party in the www xnxx com Cambridge gayborhood that he hangs out in. They bokep xnxx block off the street and have a party... it should be fun to be with all those friendly gay guys. There'll be some lesbians and straights there too, but mostly young gay guys. What could be better! Willie continues to introduce xxx video me to gay guys, xxnn of xnnn all different ages too... it's how I'm learning the gay life style. I love being in it, but I couldn't do it without my boyfriend. He makes it fun so I don't care if porn videos he insist on playing xnxx/ the "guy's" role at times while he has me playing the "girl's" role... you know, like it might be in Willie's unique concept of dating from some sort of nineteen-fifties black and white movie... the girl has a long skirt with bobby socks on and the boy, who's holding her hand, has a flattop haircut and a bow tie and white shirt, or some such shit like that, real corny. It's a xnxx indonesia riot, it doesn't bother me, and xnxx gay like I said, it's a game, it's fun. Well, it's fun with sex that Cambridge guys, xnxx korea it vidio xnxx wouldn't be fun at the Mall where I know straight kids from high school... that wouldn't do. See what I www xnxx mean? There's a time and a place. xnxx india Those are some of the things I contemplated about during the long ride home. Another thing was the extent to which Chubby and I had come together xnxx india in an intimate way during vacation. It was probably the sleeping together in each other's arms that loosened Chubby up, and videos xnxx it also helped that we'd been exposed xnxx vina garut to the Dickers brother's doing their quick kiss on the lips together, xnxx japan but even more than those two things, showering together was the real catalyst to intimacy... the hugging under the shower spray and the exaggerated way of jerking each other off. There's also the little kisses on the side of the head and finally the kiss on the lips in the shower that I instigated our last night together. We even had tender moments together without hardly touching, when we were just talking... Chubby maybe squeezing my hand quickly or I'd squeeze the back of his neck. Stuff like that. All our lives we've been intimate to xnxn a degree and that eventually developed into things like the leg shaving and his humping of my leg while watching TV together, as well as, other thing like me allowing him to do his foot fetish on my feet and things like that. But, even so, I've never felt xnxx video this close to Chubby before. I've always loved him like a brother, but lately it's been different. It all stems back to my acceptance of my gay nature... and from there, the way that acceptance is leading Chubby and me, and maybe Robbie and me, closer and closer together... it's fascinating. Me and Chubby or xnxx indo me and Robbie... be still my xnxx barat heart! Is that from Shakespeare? Riding in the back of the Volvo with my ipod headphones in my ears, listening to CD after CD, watching wwwxnxx the world go by, and thinking those thoughts video xnxx when, all of xxnx a sudden, my mind does a sharp u-turn and I begin remembering Chubby's bowlegged walk. The incident from last Sunday... the odd walk allegedly xxx caused by a pulled muscle in his buttock. I don't know for sure what happened, but I 'think' I know. I walked like that myself a couple of times. Chubby had the entire twelve hour bus ride back from Framingham to think about what had happened to him... what had actually caused the bowlegged walking and the groans of discomfort. xnxx tv That might have been a very bad ride, or maybe xnxx porno it was twelve hours of good thoughts like the thoughts I had after Carl had fucked site xnxx me a couple of times in the same afternoon. I walked bowlegged after that, but I had good thoughts about the long second fucks he did on xnx me... many of Carl's long second fucks had my ass so strained and sore it was difficult to walk, but the memory of how hot it had been, the climaxes I'd had, made it all seem worthwhile. That was early in my gay days, and the sex was a new thrill, one that beat all other thrills for me. I can think of xnxx app xnxx japan quite a few unflattering things about fat Carl, but I need to admit he fucked me super fine. So, maybe Ricky, and whoever else, is fucking Chubby super fine xnxx/ too, sunny leone xnxx maybe I'm wasting my time feeling sorry for him. That doesn't actually seem right in Chubby's case though, he was grumpy and moody as hell when he got back from Framingham last Sunday... he didn't porn seem to be basking in how hot the sex was. That situation is also complicating something I was going to do. I really want to tell Chubby I'm gay, but that's become a complicated thing now because, what if Chubby is actually taking it up his ass and hating it so much... then I tell him I'm gay, maybe he'll transfer some of that hate of Ricky fucking him towards me somehow. Life is complicated! It was getting dark as we approached the vina garut xnxx Mass Pike... yeah! finally back in Massachusetts... I needed to think of some positive things again. OK, here's something... now I've got two friends who will do anything for me, xnxx japanese not only Chubby, but also Willie. They'll both xnxxx be there xxxx for me xnxx vina garut no matter what and that's something to feel good about. Also, xnxx cina Robbie is a good friend and so xnxx download is that unpredictable Dodger. So, these are positive thoughts. Friends are awesome! They make you feel special and I haven't felt special for www xnxx a lot of my life... well, except xnxx jepang when Chubby tells me what a great best vidio xnxx friend to him I am. That xnxx cina has xxx video always xxn been very, very special, but "best friend" and "boyfriend/lover" are very bokep xnxx different concepts.. so, to finally have both is even more special. And now that I've mentioned Robbie, the massages that will take start back up on Monday morning is a hot thought, something else positive to think about... how cool are www.xnxx those hot massages! site xnxx I've really missed them, and I've missed Robbie as well, so I have that to look forward to. During the entire nine hour ride whenever the negative thoughts of Joel or Jake popped into my head I simply refused to dwell on them... ditto, the Marine. I put them off limits for the whole endless ride. It wasn't actually endless though because, finally, here we were... outside our condo. I did my share of the unloading and then did Chubby's share too. I'd promised him to xnxx jepang do all the unloading because the Moms did all the driving. They were grateful for not needing to help, didn't even argue about it... porn videos just, "Thank you, Dylan, honey. That's so sweet of you". They went in and had a xxnn gin and tonic while I sweated with xnxxcom the unloading. After that I took a shower while entertaining thoughts of staying awake until Chubby got home. No way for me to know what time he'd be here, but I'll try to stay up as late as possible. www xnxx com Out of the shower, I turned on MTV in the basement family room and then called Willie on my cell phone. He was at a pool party that one of his Prep school friends was throwing. I could hear all the chatter in the background as well as music and, over top of everything, yelling and water splashing as people jumped in the pool. Willie was very upbeat, after he described the pool-party scene he gushed, "I wish you were here indian xnxx with me, Dylan. xnxx movies We could dance and swim and make-out and I'd have you cuming in your pants again, and we'd have the greatest time!" He xnxx desi went on talking dirty xvideo for a bit, but then he got xvideos sentimental and said I'd ruined him for other boys because now when he ogles them, he compares them to me, and he loses interest in them because they're not hot enough. I said, "Oh, tell me more". It wasn't a xnxx hot gay party, mostly straights actually, but he never thinks about that one way or another, he was just japan xnxx jabbering away like he loves to site xnxx do. I could hear kids coming up to him and talking to him, asking him who he's talking free porn to or asking him to tell so and so the joke about this or that. It occurred to me that Willie is popular, porn xnxx in his own way, at Prep school. And that brought back all the questions about why he let Larry dominant him so. I was on the phone with him for over an hour. He nxxn introduced me as his boyfriend to a couple of kids he called his "special straight friends" and they took the phone, one by one, to say "wassup?" and stuff like that. It reminded me that Willie was totally "Out" about being gay... he seemed relaxed about everything and I admired him so much for all that. We said goodbye only when his cell started loosing power and for the first time I said this, and really meant it, "I love you, Willie. Can't wait till Tuesday." He said, "It won't be long, baby. You know I love you. Call me tomorrow, OK?" and his line was static filled at zoo xnxx the end, but we heard each other fine. I felt xnxx hd so excited about finally telling Willie I loved him, telling him, "I'm in love with you". It was xnxx porn a very nice conversation xnxxcom and I'd been casually playing with my penis the entire time and when, xxn at the end, I got emotional and told him I loved him, my cock grew so hard, so fast, I had trouble catching my breath. After porn saying goodbye, I stiff-legged into the half vidio xnxx bath and masturbated, taking deep breaths, thinking about Willie fucking me. 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I squirmed back up against the sink with points of light flashing behind my eyes, xnxx com then moaning, "It feels so good" humping my crotch time after time until I was squealing to myself in that little half bath, saying Willie's name, smelling his smell, remembering how rough he is sometimes when he's fucking me.... oh god, this feels sooooo good, and then that xnxx korea spectacular overwhelming feeling xnxx asia in my groin and the head of my cock, I bit my bottom lip and... Oh my God, did I ever shoot out a load of cum! it was xxx xnxx a hard stream xnxx. com of creamy porno xnxx teen cum splattering against the door. I hadn't wacked off for almost two nxxn days, sex video what with Willie gone and Chubby in Framingham. Damn! That felt so good! Jesus, I kept squeezing my boner xnxx teen tightly xnxx stories and my nuts pushed up a little more cum and a little more after that... it all had me gasping for air xnxx gay and then, there it was... that great after climax lull where everything was so fine. Awesome, but I still wished Willie were here with me. Back in the recliner after cleaning up... I felt www.xnxx dizzy and real tired, but I also had xnnn a satisfied feeling. desi xnxx It was a good climax and xnxx mom of late I've been associating all the really hot sexual feelings xnxx sex I've had to Willie as the reason my jerking-off climaxes have been so excellent. Actually, gay sex and Willie, xnxx video in my eyes, have become pretty much one and the same. But, no matter how nice my thoughts were, my eyes wouldn't stay open for me to contemplate them for very long, I was too tired. Later, wwwxnxx xnxx movies with a stiff neck I opened one eye and saw the time on the TV... one o'clock in the morning. My first thought upon waking wasn't about gay sex and Willie... it was about Chubby. Is he home yet? Is he walking bowlegged like last Sunday? Is he pissed-off and grumpy. I crept up the stairs... all was eerily silent and dark. Looking out the front window, and there was https // that piece-of-shit SUV of Ricky's at the curb... exhaust coming out of it's tailpipe. Am I imagining this or is that fucking car rocking slightly? I was crazy thirsty which I think is what woke me... I needed something to drink badly so I crept back into the kitchen, xnxx japanese open the refrigerator and grabbed an ice cold xnxx jav can of coke. Drinking it while at free porn the window again, spying on that SUV. Five minutes and I'm done the coke, ten minutes xnxx hd and xnxx indo I've got sex video to pee badly. I don't want to miss Chubby getting out of the van so I try holding it in. Damn! Fifteen minutes and I'm gonna pee my boxers so I hurry to my bathroom and pee as fast as I can, but pee can porn xnxx take awhile, and it won't be rushed. With pee drips staining the front of my xnxx arab boxers I scurry back toward the window hearing a car door slam before I pulled the certain back, and xnxx porno then I see Chubby waving goodbye to, I guess, Rickie. Chubby xnxx sex videos doesn't seem upset, I see his white teeth shining in the street light, he's smiling. What the hell? Running back to my bedroom I grab a pair of basketball shorts and my Marlboro Lights and get ready to act casual, like I couldn't sleep and was just stepping outside for a smoke. Pulling on the shorts, I open my front door and as soon as I step out Chubby says, "Dylan! Hi! What luck!" I go, "Oh, Chubby dude. You can't be just xnxx bokep getting home, can you?" He was in a great mood and after taking my offer of a cigarette xnxx porn and lighting it, he xxnxx explains he'd just finished straightening out everything with Rickie and things should be better now, going forward. "Oh yeah, what things?" I asked. Chubby goes, "Technical window washing matters" and I casually say, "Ah, Chubby... there isn't anything "technical" about washing a window". Chubby says, "How come we're not sharing a cigarette like we always do?" I go, "I don't know". ************* DYLAN'S DILEMMA PART 10 ************* Chapter two Looking each other in the eyes and then, at the same instant, blowing exhaled smoke in each other's face while smirking at one xnnx another... just glad to be xnxx arab together again, goofing sex around. Then I took a chance of xnxxcom pissing him off by repeating my question, "What things, exactly, xnxx. did you and Rickie straighten out?" Chubby didn't get mad, instead he told me there were technique adjustments necessary considering the length of time in between washings, or if screens are left on the windows year round, or when there are trees near the house, etc. These things dictate when and what is used to get a professionally clean window, Rickie and he had a difference of opinion about such matters... and about other things too, but he wasn't going to try to train me xnxx .com as a window washer tonight. xxnxx He said even more importantly he had xnxx vina garut come to an understanding that he, Chubby, was simply going to do certain things that in the past he resisted doing. Chubby tamil xnxx mentioned xnxx com/ he mom xnxx needed sex to accept doing everything Rickie's way... that's what wwwxnxx it came xnxx sex down to. Also, Chubby hadn't been respecting Rickie and Rickie's position as the boss of their work crew. Chubby had finally agreed to do exactly what Rickie wanted, the way Rickie wanted it. video porno "In other words, Dylan, I xnxx tamil stopped being a jackass and accepted that Rickie is in charge of me. We had a long talk in the SUV tonight right outside the condo here. It was sex xnxx xnxx porn kinda difficult at first for nxxn me to look up to him and accept his criticism because Rickie and I are the same age, we're classmates... but fuck, he's my boss and I've got to do what he tells me . I admitted to Rickie that he was right, and I was wrong." Chubby took a drag off his cigarette looking over to see if japan xnxx I had anything to say to any of this. I had nothing to xnxx selingkuh say... I can't think of stuff on the spot. Later tonight I'll think, "Damn, I should have said this or that..." So, nothing I could think to say, but I did think this in my head, "Chubby's entire explanation sounded like a convoluted bunch of xnxx japan double-talk. Which is another way of saying... a crock of shit." Sure, there was some truth in there somewhere, but most of it was the rationalized BS I'm so familiar with from Chubby. I was standing in front of him with a puzzled frown on my xnxn face, Chubby took a deep breath and quietly said, xxx almost whining, almost xnxx sex video desperate that I approve, "Hell Dylan, I had to admit to myself that Rickie's tough approach to me kind of broke my resistance down... he was gonna fire me at one xnxx hindi point so I just totally let loose of my ego and said... Please don't Rickie. I'll do everything you want, the way you want it done. I just xvideo gave in to him, Dylan, and I feel much better for it too, better then I've felt in a month. I'm relieved. It's one of those free porn things where I was making it harder on myself than it had to be...and harder on everyone else too. What the fuck was the point of trying to fight city hall, so ta speak. Rickie has xnxx hd what I need, that ten xnxx download dollar and fifty cent an xnxx jav hour job. There aren't too many jobs xnxx korea like that around xnxx stories for us kids, ya know? Just give xnxxx in to the inevitable is what I decided. Rickie says I'll still need to do some make-up, er... ya know, extra stuff to make-up for my past defiances, but after that, if I do what xnnn I'm told, it should work out better for everyone and I get to keep my job." Chubby did an ironic chuckle and added, "What the fuck, I always ended up doing what I didn't want to do anyway, so xnxx app now I'll just avoid the extra, porno xnxx er, stuff I got for disobeying. Ya know?" No, I didn't know, but I wasn't going sex videos to say that right now. Instead I was thinking, this is weird... Chubby doesn't like authority figures, so him making one out of Rickie is hard to figure out... and again, there's the fact that Chubby videos xnxx is the fucking king of rationalization so I don't know what's bullshit and what's the truth. Did he finally just accept that he needs to do what his boss tell him, or is this all about some kind of forced gay sex, is it more about the gay sex then it's about window washing techniques ... or, is it something else all together? Chubby flicked his cigarette butt high off the telephone pole across the street and I followed with a flick of my butt that went off the side of Chubby's cargo shorts. Without comment, he adroitly flicked it into the gutter with the toe of his sneaker. I said, "If you vina garut xnxx don't mind me asking, tamil xnxx what are these, so called, "make up" penalty things you need to do, the penalties for defying Rickie?" Chubby goes, "Oh no Dylan, you're not going to spoil my positive outlook by trying to find xnxx desi fault with Rickie's methods. I'm on board with Rickie one hundred percent now, I can handle it just as I have in the past and I gave him my word so japan xnxx that's, that... save the cynicism for another topic. I'm good, dude! I'm looking at things more positively for once, and I simply don't want to get into any particulars with you ... that wouldn't serve any purpose. I can handle what I xnxx com need to do, and that's all you need to know." I hugged him around the neck and pulled his head next to mine xnxx teen to say, "It sounds kind of awful Chubby, xnxx hindi I'm worried about you." He goes, xnxx barat "No need to worry, I can handle this, and guess what... Ricky told me if I keep up this new, positive attitude, he'll keep me on part time when school starts up. That's important to you and video porno me because we'll need to finance the car we buy, and that means monthly payments... and don't forget the price of gas too. Me gay xnxx keeping this job part-time during the school year goes a long way toward making all xnxx anime that possible. And, here's something you need to consider. There are always openings at the start of a school year for bag boys at Super Stop and Shop. indo xnxx Get your application xnxx 2019 in now xnxx indo and you can help with the payments too. Ya can't cut grass in the winter." Chubby was upbeat and excited for once so what would be the point of questioning him further. Whatever is between Chubby and Rickie is staying between Chubby and Rickie... for now. I told Chubby I'd fill-out an application at Stop and Shop this very week. Chubby was tired so xnxx mom he headed for the door saying, "This was a good thing tonight, between me and Rickie. I had to swallow a lot of pride, but I did the right thing... I'm sure I www xnxx com did. Hell, next year at this time we'll be getting ready to start college, window washing will xnxx. be left xnxx indonesia to that pric... I mean, to my boss, Rickie. You and me will be off to xvideos college. So, it's only for xnxx telugu the next xnxx year at the most that I'll need to do it for him... you know, wash windows." I thought, "More rationalization... he sounds like he's trying to convince himself, more then me." I didn't say that to him though. Instead I sex videos changed the subject and said, "Chub, it's still vacation ya know. We should do our Wildwood sleeping-together xnxx .com routine one last xnxx anime time, to say farewell to this great xnxx tamil vacation." Chubby stopped in his tracks and turns around slowly, then takes desi xnxx a deep breath and says, real seriously, "Dylan, that's another thing I promised myself I'd take xxx xnxx care of and I might as well do it now. I was thinking about this on the bus Friday. I've led you down a shaky path with all our goofing around stuff... showering together and, you know... xxx videos the other stuff. It's my fault for encouraging you to do that stuff. I've always been the touch/feely kid and you xnxx have always been reluctant go along with it, but you do it for xnxx tamil me. You're the best friend ever and that's what I want us to always be, best friends... my encouraging you with our pretend homo stuff just isn't fair to you. It's a fun goofy thing xnxx com/ for me, but it's xnxx. com not xnxx 2019 right because you're too sincere, always trying to make me happy, which is nice, but ya take the stuff too seriously. I could cry sometimes the way you do things for me... you really think too highly of me Dylan, you xnxx telugu really do. Hey man, I'm so far from perfect it's pathetic. Fuck, I'll warp your pure mind if you let me, Dylan. We're almost in our senior xnxx download year of High School, it's past time to put porn xnxx that kiddie play away. Believe me, you do not want to get involved in any serious homo shit. Take my word for that. OK? We'll still do our shaving until school starts, but that's it. And, no xxnx sleeping together like we did porno when we were nine years olds, xnxx asia hugging each other and all." He laughed, ran the palm of his hand zoo xnxx over my head and added, "We'll always be the best friends ever. Hey, your hair is growing in a little, almost feels soft again... that's good. Dude, I need some sleep, bad! We can talk about this in the morning, if you want. bokep xnxx Here, give me one of our sex video world famous goodnight hugs." In shock, I said nothing... we hugged and he went up the steps to his condo. I walked into mine like I was in a trance. Where did all that come from? How did we get from that kiss on the lips in the shower Thursday all the way back down to almost nothing. Chubby wants to go back to just the shaving, and that only till school starts. Christ, we xnx were doing occasional mutual jerk offs even before Wildwood and now we've regressed our level of intimacy back to pre, pre, Wildwood days. That's just fucking great! Shit! The desi xnxx sleeping together, I knew that was temporary. We haven't done hardly any of that for three or four years now. It's just because we had only the one bed in our room in Wildwood that we got to sleep together. Oh fuck, xnxx sex videos this is how things tend to go with me... when too many sex xnxx things are going right, something just has to go wrong. There's some natural law that prevents me from being too happy. Thank God I got Willie. I wonder if it could be that Chubby thinks... since he's become Rickie's "boy" now, which makes japanese xnxx him feel like shit, and so he feels he needs to build-up his self image a zoo xnxx little xnxx barat by saving me from debauchery. Oh brother, what a theory that is. Truth is I don't have enough experience to guess what xnxx sex video might be going on. I don't think it's pretty though, whatever it is. Taking off my shorts, I brushed my teeth again and crawled into bed. I'd already had three hours sleep earlier tonight so I lay there awhile trying to sort it out and came up with some xnxx hot more theories, but what good are they? Maybe I'll find out more tomorrow, but I'll bet ya japanese xnxx that tomorrow Chubby isn't going to want to talk about any of this. xnxx indian His deal with Rickie, whatever the fuck it is, gay xnxx will have "sunk video xnxx in" xnxx by https // tomorrow and Chubby probably will be mom xnxx less xnxx video than pleased about what he had to agree to. The xxnxx hell with it for now though. Instead, I thought about Willie and starting at the top of his silly flattop haircut I visualized him inch by inch, down his head and then down his slim body. I remember visualizing his belly button last, so I must have fallen asleep about then... probably grinning. Willie xnxx indian xxx xnxx is so cool. Next morning I was the first one up. xnxx arab I did my bathroom duties and then snuck up xnxx tv to Chubby's. G